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Cromwell's troops when quartered in Reading, made reference to a locally bred pig renowned for its size and the quality of its bacon and ham. This turned out to be one of the earliest records of the Berkshire breed.Today's Berkshires are a smaller pig, black in colour, with prick ears, white socks and a white tip to tail. They are hardy and well suited to outdoor rearing.

Our small herd lives in 2 acres of ancient orchard and hazel coppice on the slopes of Ben Knowle hill. Here in this woodland setting they live a life very similar to their wild ancestors.

Our Berkshire pigs produce fine pork with outstanding flavour which we sell by the 'half pig'. This consists of shoulder joints in two pieces, back - chump end as chops and loin end boned and rolled and the leg in two pieces. The belly is left whole for you to home cure as pancetta or barbecue as spare ribs.We have half pigs available weighing about 24 kilos and priced at £5.50 per kilo. Sausages are also available at £3.00 per pack.

To find out more about our rare breed pork raised outdoors in a completely natural way please contact James at james@panniersfarm.co.uk